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28 08 2019

Increasing the Odds


We offer free consultations to people interested in coming into any of our programs. Free—why?  Because there is something that I must let people know before they get started.  THERE IS NO EASY PATH TO GOOD HEALTH.  Weight to lose, blood pressure to lower, diabetes or pre-diabetes to reverse or cholesterol to lower-- it’s all possible. [...]

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21 02 2019

What a Pleasant Surprise!


People sign up for various programs in our health clinic for various reasons.  Although many clients come in order to lose weight, there are usually health issues involved that are more important to address than the extra weight. There are the typical problems of diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol and muscular-skeletal problems including lower [...]

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2 10 2018

It’s Over—Now What?


Our Succahs are down and the Yomim Tovim are now behind us.  Hopefully, we had a lot of enjoyable, quality time with our families.  Undoubtedly, we also took liberties with the amount and types of food we consumed.  And we did this at a time when we are less active than usual.  Obviously, that isn’t [...]

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11 04 2018

After Pesach! What can be different this time?


Here we go again!  Your clothes are tight, the scale is up and you might even be feeling a bit lethargic.  Many of you are already considering a diet.  DON’T DO IT! Let’s get back to the basics of good eating and adding more activity and exercise. This time around, instead of the diet mentality, [...]

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17 05 2017

You Are What You Eat


The old saying goes, “You are what you eat”.  We know that the way we eat has a pronounced effect on our health, weight, and ability to fight off disease. Recently we even discovered that what we eat can have a marked effect on our mental health.  The term “the way we eat”, refers to [...]

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6 10 2016

Ready, Set…Change!


It’s hard to describe the feeling immediately after Yom Kippur!  Maybe the word is “cleansed”.  We have just poured our hearts out to G-d to forgive us both as individuals and collectively.  We have fasted for 25 hours and ended with one more blast from the Shofar.  There is a sense of joy that we [...]

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10 03 2016

Keep it off this time!


We’ve all been there—you lose weight on some weight loss plan or program, you feel great and you are rightfully proud of your accomplishment.  After all, you probably had to work hard and you might have even felt deprived while going through the process.  But now you look and feel great!  Your doctor is thrilled [...]

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7 01 2016

The Things I CAN Change


When it comes to health and fitness, there is a lot that we can control.  But there are also things that we can’t control.  And unfortunately, many people think that they can’t control some of the things we very much CAN control.  We can’t control the fact that we age daily and we might have [...]

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30 12 2015

Make Changes One-at-a-Time


When you get down to it, all the people that I see in my various programs are trying to change some behavior or habit in order to achieve a goal in health and wellness.  In order to lose weight, lower blood pressure, cholesterol, or blood sugar, or become more fit and functional, the chances are [...]

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11 06 2015



It’s been a very interesting few weeks in my office.  My office staff and I get great satisfaction when we see our clients succeed in changing their health, and life around for the better.  Last month after doing a public lecture on lowering blood pressure several individuals, who attended, chose to try our path to [...]