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29 02 2024

The Twins Study


This article was originally published as an op-ed in The Jerusalem Post on Wednesday, 21 Feb. 2024: There are thousands of good studies that analyze the effect of lifestyle, and especially diet, on our health. These studies run the gambit in terms of types. There are randomized controlled studies, epidemiological studies, laboratory studies, and decades of clinical [...]

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31 12 2023

Increasing the Odds


This article was originially published as an op-ed in The Jerusalem Post on Sunday, 31st  Dec. 2023: People have questioned me as to why at The Wellness Clinic we offer a free consultation before starting a program.  It’s very simple. People need to know before they get started on their journey to improved health, [...]

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24 01 2023

Our Emphasis is on YOU


Dear Friends, As I enter my 25th year as a Health Care provider, I wanted to share my thoughts with you. I have always given my clients the best advice possible, based on the latest science and research.  Weight loss has always been a focus. Over the last two decades, previously suppressed research has emerged.  [...]

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30 10 2022

Something Needs to Change


The following article was originally published in the Opinion section of The Jerusalem Post (31 Oct. 2022): Mr. X A relative of mine, Mr. X, is 90 years old. He started feeling unwell, and while he was feeling a little “off,” he went to get checked.  They found a small kidney stone and said [...]

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25 08 2022

As Simple as That!


The following article was also published in the Opinion section of The Jerusalem Post (25th Aug. 2022):   They are the modern day killers: heart disease, type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, mild cognitive impairment, early stage prostate cancer—all now proven to be reversible and often, totally curable.  All of the above, plus [...]

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27 03 2022

What’s holding us back? (Alan’s new Jpost op-ed)


The following article appeared as an op-ed written by Alan in The Jerusalem Post:   It used to be said about the US Department of State, that they don’t let the facts get in the way of policy. So it is in the world of health and wellness. Take a step back for a moment. [...]

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20 02 2022

From Ordinary to Extraordinary


It’s been how many months – or years- since Covid- 19 first came on the scene? Who’s able to keep track of all the changes, rules, and regulations society has been through in a relatively short span of time? Well, I choose to look at a different reality. I see the people that decided enough [...]

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16 02 2021

One year into the Corona Pandemic


One year ago, I issued an open letter about The Wellness Clinic’s advancement of the principles of Lifestyle Medicine and how we are successfully using Lifestyle Medicine  to prevent and reverse chronic disease.  This was exactly 2 weeks before the Coronavirus infected the Western World and changed our lives in ways we didn’t think possible. We have learned [...]

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31 12 2020

Breaking Through the Plateau


Samuel came into my office yesterday for his initial intake.  He lost a lot of weight, some came back.  He’s been trying everything he can think of to reverse the trend, but now he’s just stuck at the same.  I’ve see this story before.  Another version - Rachel, a longtime client of mine, has lost [...]

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15 11 2020

Putting Heart Disease in Reverse


Coronary artery disease can be reversed. True of False? If you ask most doctors, including cardiologist, you probably will receive a foggy kind of answer.  You might hear “FALSE!”  If this is the answer you are hearing from a doctor, it’s unfortunate. The correct answer is TRUE - Coronary artery disease can be reversed. There are [...]

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