26 03 2023

Passover: Making a Plan (Part 2)


This article was originally published as an op-ed in The Jerusalem Post (29 March 2023): https://www.jpost.com/opinion/article-735721 In part 1 of this article we mentioned different reasonable and attainable weight loss goals for Pesach. We also covered how to maintain our health during the Pesach preparations. As for the kinds of food we eat, everyone can make [...]

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18 09 2022

The 23 Day Challenge


We are now focusing on the approaching Rosh HaShanah.  As much as this is a time for spiritual preparation, it is also a time when practical preparation can go a long way toward preserving our health. This 23-day holiday time period also includes Yom Kippur, Succot, Chol HaMoed and Simchat Torah. It’s a time of [...]

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30 08 2018

Eat Out and Enjoy It!


Sixty or seventy years ago, eating out in a restaurant or buying takeout food was practically nonexistent in our community.  Kosher eateries were very rare, and most people weren’t able to spend any extra money on what, at the time, was an extravagance.  Even in the non-Jewish world, the idea of fast food style restaurants [...]

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6 06 2018

It Still Comes Down to Portions


Gil came into my office and was sure I was going to be stumped.  After all, he is relatively young, only 34 years old and does everything right.  He exercises formally three times a week, including aerobic and muscle building exercise. He makes sure to do at least 35 minutes of brisk walking on two [...]

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4 01 2018

Dropping out?


The vast majority of clients that come in to our 10 Week program complete the program. Several clients also move on to a continuing program.  One thing all participants in the 10 Week program can tell you is that they gain a lot of knowledge about healthy eating and exercise. Most participants can also tell [...]

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17 04 2016

Pesach Tips


As daunting and challenging as it may seem to celebrate Pesach while keeping your health and weight intact, a few little tricks and just a little self-discipline can get you through virtually unscathed. There are essentially three areas where we all tend to get into trouble: The amounts of food we consume sitting at our tables [...]

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12 01 2016

Frustrated with Weight Loss


Lisa, age 42, was in week 3 of my weight loss program.   The first two weeks, Lisa dropped weight at about a pound a week, but this week, there was no change.  All that work she did and no result.  She looked like she was going to quit on the spot!  What happened?   Lisa was almost [...]

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3 09 2015

It’s That Time of Year…


Here we are in the midst of the month of Elul, the last year in the Jewish calendar.  It’s a time of reflection and it is also a time of preparation.  We are all focusing now on introspection and planning for Rosh HaShanah, the Day of Judgment, and the ten days of tshuva leading to [...]

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5 10 2014

It Just Won’t Come Off (Part 2)


We must become more accepting of who we are. Some of us just will not get down to an ideal weight. Yes, we can still make every attempt to be healthy as we have discussed, but we also must be accepting of what we have. A recent article by Ellen Goldman M.Ed. caught my attention [...]

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