20 08 2020

Exercising in the Summer


Some people have been able to return to their regular workout routines despite all the Covid-19 restrictions. Others have needed to find new ways to get in their daily exercise and activity. And now here we are in the hot, sunny months of the year. My client, Gabe, and I discussed the value of outdoor [...]

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23 02 2017

We’re all SMILES!


Sometimes when the evidence finally emerges, I get very excited.  There are some things we know through experience or what some might call the “6th sense”. But when a good scientific large-scale study proves your point, it’s very exciting! Most educated people know that exercise and proper healthy eating are extremely beneficial to one’s health [...]

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9 09 2015

It doesn’t have to cost so much!


It sometimes seems that in order to stay healthy, it might cost a lot of money.  Granted, not being healthy will ultimately cost more money than staying healthy, but for many it seems like we must put out a lot of money to buy healthy foods, see a dietician, buy exercise equipment, go to the [...]

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4 06 2015

To Win the Battle of the Bulge


We all know how difficult it is to lose weight.  We all know the dangers of being overweight and we all know it just how lousy it feels.  Research shows that two thirds of Americans are overweight or obese and it is associated with hypertension, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, depression and various cancers (Malik, Schultz & [...]

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23 11 2014

The Stress-Exercise Connection—How does this work? Part 2


Continued from part 1. There are three regions of the brain that control the stress response: The Amygdala- this detects, treats and triggers the fight-or-flight response. The Prefrontal Cortex - helps us deal calmly with stress, and can shut down the fight-or-flight response. The hippocampus - supports our stress recovery. Neroscientists now know that chronic [...]

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13 11 2014



In the utopian dream world of the fitness professional, , everyone sets aside an hour or more a day for a complete workout, including aerobic, resistance and flexibility training. But in today’s society, we all know that’s not likely to happen. So, just how do we make it easier to get fit — and stay [...]

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