From Ordinary to Extraordinary

It’s been how many months – or years- since Covid- 19 first came on the scene? Who’s able to keep track of all the changes, rules, and regulations society has been through in a relatively short span of time?

Well, I choose to look at a different reality. I see the people that decided enough is enough. They come to The Wellness Clinic because they want to make changes. They don’t want to just react to the unwanted or unpleasant health concerns and challenges they face.

No, it’s not always easy.

No, it’s not always fast.

But it’s empowering. It’s sustainable. It’s remarkable!

Take a look at the stories of some of my clients who have made changes and worked to improve, reverse, and prevent their undesirable health illnesses.

Cholesterol takes a dive

Elisa came to The Wellness Clinic to lower her cholesterol. She was obese and her cholesterol was dangerously high.  She wanted a med-free option that would work for her. I gave her an eating program, which changed her from a standard Western diet to a more plant-heavy, anti-inflammatory program without processed foods. Elisa also began daily walks of 35-40 minutes. In follow up visits, we added some muscle building exercises as well.

7 weeks in, Elisa had remarkable results: she lowered her cholesterol by 114 points! Yes – 114 points, with NO MEDICATION.

Elisa also lost several kilo of weight. She is no longer obese, her cholesterol numbers are now outstanding, and her risk of a coronary event drastically decreased!

Now it was Elisa’s turn to help someone.

Digestive health

Elisa referred her sister-in-law, Allison, to The Wellness Clinic. Allison suffered from digestive issues for years. She frequently felt discomfort and it impinged on her ability to live the giving, active life she wanted.

10 days after she began to make changes in her food choices, Allison contacted me to let me know about what she called “radical improvement.” Stomach pain, on/off constipation, and almost constant discomfort decreased tremendously! Allison also said that within days her energy levels increased, too.

Seeing the changes Allison made and the results she got, encouraged her husband to make some of the same changes. As a result, he lost over 13 kilo!

Best of all was the riddle, Allison sent me: “What’s good about one bad day of stomach pain and discomfort?
When it’s only ONE bad day instead of EVERY day!”

PCOS reversal

I’ve been working with Dara for 15 months. Dara had been a client of mine several years ago, but never really succeeded to implement the changes she sought to make to her lifestyle. With a BMI of 44, Dara decided to try again and give it her all.

Week after week, Dara’s efforts paid off. Her weight went down, and her family was on board to join her in embracing healthier food choices and doing daily exercise, too.

After losing more than 10 kilo, Dara told me that two of her main symptoms of PCOS are gone. Excited by her improvement and PCOS reversal, I shared this on my business page on Facebook.

This is how Randi came to The Wellness Clinic.

Randi is in her upper 20’s. Since her teen years, Randi has been overweight and has had PCOS for a long time. She’s run the gambit of standard medical care. When she came across my post about Dara’s PCOS reversal, Randi decided to come to The Wellness Clinic for help. Her first appointment was towards the end of the summer.

When I saw Randi after the holidays, her weight was significantly down, and her cycle had come back!
Perhaps the most important thing – our program is helping Randi feel great (Her husband’s benefited too – he lost 7 kilograms himself!)


Louie has Parkinson’s. 2 years ago, he came here at the suggestion of his neurologist. I worked with Louie to establish an exercise routine – both during our personal training sessions and on his own. Although 75 years old, Louie does 30 minutes of aerobic exercise and stretches daily. He does 45 pushups at a time and almost 100 repetitions of different abdominal exercises, multiple times a week.

The day came for Louie’s biannual neurologist checkup.
How did it go?
The doctor told Louie that his disease is actually regressing – because of the exercise!

Yet again, the lifestyle medicine protocols we use at The Wellness Clinic outperform medications and yield excellent results.

Post- Heart attack improvements

I was sorry to hear about the heart attack Rabbi M. suffered. His family was in shock, but they were grateful to have their husband and father. They knew Rabbi M. needed the right care and direction to fully recover and prevent any future coronary events.

At The Wellness Clinic, we directed Rabbi M. and his wife how to use food as medicine to reverse heart disease. They adapted their eating and have been extremely compliant. On the exercise front, Rabbi M. walks 40 minutes a day and does other exercise 2x a week.

With all these positive changes to his lifestyle, why was he feeling weak and fatigued?

A review of Rabbi M.’s latest blood results gave a big clue – he was over medicated! After convincing his doctor of this, Rabbi M. is off his blood pressure medication. He now feels fantastic, and his heart disease is mostly reversed!

Staying away from dialysis

Many of the clients I feature in this article are recent clients. We’re in touch quite regularly. Yet, when I hear from a client who I helped years back, it really makes my day. It serves as a powerful reminder as to exactly how sustainable the methods we use, and more importantly the results, really are!

In 2020, I did a series of “Wow!” posts about my client LN, who had chronic kidney disease. The doctors warned her to be ready for dialysis at some point soon. LN came to The Wellness Clinic for help and guidance.

Over the time we worked together, she reversed her chronic kidney disease, lost about 45 pounds, and eliminated her blood pressure medication.

LN was recently in touch: Her doctor has now lowered her asthma meds.

LN couldn’t stay on a stationary bike for 3 minutes when we started working together… now she’s doing 45 minutes 5x a week on the bike and 90 minutes of exercise daily all together!

And YOU??

Remember, your health habits are in your hands.

While we have been vigilant about not getting the Covid-19 virus, we might have lost our focus on preventing already prevalent epidemics—heart disease, diabetes, high blood pressure and all of the autoimmune diseases.

At The Wellness Clinic, we use lifestyle medicine to help our clients.  With a combination of good diet, exercise, stress management, and other positives changes to your habits and behaviors, your success is waiting…and you will certainly be able to add hours to your day, days to your year and years to your life.”


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