11 09 2022

A Time for Change


The following article was originally published in the Opinion section of The Jerusalem Post (9th Sept. 2022):   On the Jewish calendar, we are well into the month of Elul.  Our tradition is such that we are in a process of repentance. The slichot prayers take us into the high holy days of Rosh HaShana [...]

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30 01 2022

How Important is Maintaining a Normal Weight?


A few years ago, I wrote two articles about a lady named Aviva. Aviva started working with me, 5 years ago, while weighing 155 kilograms—that’s 341 pounds.  I last wrote about Aviva’s progress two and a half years ago. At that point Aviva had dropped 39 kilograms, or 86 pounds.  Without going into detail, her [...]

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2 01 2022

If I Can Do It, You Can, Too


If I Can Do It, You Can, Too - How I got back to good health For those of you who think I’ve always led a healthy lifestyle, you’re in for disappointment. By the time I was age 33, I was overweight, my clothes didn’t fit and my blood pressure was already on the high [...]

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30 08 2021

The Year That Was – The Year That Can Be


Another year has passed. In a matter of days, we will all be wishing each other a happy New Year, a year of health, happiness, and prosperity.  It’s been another year under the shadow of the Covid-19 pandemic, which is now back with a vengeance in its 4th wave. Still, it is important to look [...]

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3 09 2020

Keeping our Resolutions to Change


The Rosh Hashana, Yom Kippur, and Succos period is a time of the year that we are trying to change ourselves for the better.  We pray that at least some of these changes will carry through the year.  Making permanent changes in our lives is difficult.  Many of our behaviors, the good ones and the [...]

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2 08 2020

Yet Another Study


I am not stuck in the old ways just because “that’s how we’ve always done it.” I love looking at new research.  This is especially true when research reaffirms or replicates other research.  Even though the vast majority of health care professionals - doctors, dieticians, osteopaths, nutritionists, and many others - are mired in the [...]

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12 07 2020

“Long time no see!”


When I came out of shul earlier last week, I ran into a former client named Joe.  Keeping our social distance, we had a very interesting conversation that I would like to share with you.  First, a little history. Health and fitness has been my field of work for over 21 years.  Prior to that, [...]

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30 11 2017

The Elephant Made Me Do It


We all want to change our bad habits into good, productive behaviors. Whether we are dealing with habits that effect health, fitness and weight loss, or other poor habits, all of us want to reduce negatives and increase positives. If you have tried to stop smoking, lose weight permanently, spend less time on your computer [...]

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2 11 2017

Turning it around


It’s over and behind us.  It started with preparations for a 3 day Rosh Hashanah and after a festive Simchat Torah. After the festivities, the Succah was taken down, but the scale is up! Year after year in the name of simcha—having joy during the holidays-- we overdo it and can actually damage our health. [...]

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