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No Dialysis - Brand new life instead!

Hi Alan,

Here’s something to bring you some cheer:

It’s now been about 6 months since my initial health assessment and coaching sessions with you. My weight is down 16 kilo (down almost 4 sizes!), doing an hour of exercise 5-6 days/week, almost pain free, feeling healthy and proud and looking great :-).

I’m losing weight slowly, but pleased with that because instead of being in the ‘I’m on a diet’ mindset I’ve evolved to a natural, even instinctive, healthy lifestyle. The slow and steady weight loss is both proof that I’m doing what’s right for my body, and teaching me how to make healthy adjustments to my diet and exercise, keeping me feeling great – and very importantly – my lab work steady. My kidney function is greatly improved and in the meantime there is no need for dialysis.  My doctor even took me off my blood pressure medication!

I’ve been exercising daily for over an hour now. I’m keeping it fun and challenging. My toes are visible, my muscles are pumping up, my sides are thinner, and my knees are slimmer!

Stay healthy!

Ruth P., Israel


Hi Alan,

Hope you are well. Just thought you should know, that my daughter is doing amazing work on her own now.

It was an absolute turning point for her to work with you last year. I am so very thankful, that I found you– and that you guided her in the right direction to wellness. She is exercising every day, eating super healthy and is finally happy with herself (& very proud) – rightfully so!

A huge thank you!

DB, mother of SB


Alan’s personal training takes a balanced normal approach to holistic weight loss. It’s a program that can and should become a lifestyle. People ask me if I’m still on a diet. I respond that I never was! No tricks, no gimmicks. Just reasonable, well- balanced eating and exercising aimed at a lifestyle change. That’s how I’ve kept the weight off… and the 20 kilos (44 pounds) is still off 4 years later!

J.D., Jerusalem-Baltimore


Alan Freishtat has created a unique fitness training program perfectly tailored to fit the needs of my busy lifestyle. Alan is a consistent, punctual, creative trainer, who challenges me to increase my cardiovascular endurance, muscle strength, and flexibility in every session. Alan provides a clean and pleasant environment in which to exercise, with all the equipment I need to enjoy a challenging workout. I am grateful to Alan for giving me the direction and information to add energy and focus to my life, and for the privacy and individual attention he so graciously gives me during our time together. He has significantly bettered my life.

Rabbi Nissim Tagger, Yeshiva Bircas HaTorah

Thank you for believing in me, Alan.

Dear Alan,

A few months ago I expressed my appreciation for the care, dedication and wealth of energy and information you invested in me–I’ve allowed myself to let that information sink in, and now I’m seeing fruits from labor. Here I am a year later. Since we last worked together, I have lost almost 20 lbs. I was close to 160 lbs at my heaviest.  I realized I so badly wanted to feel good about myself again, feel productive and capable, instead of feeling like I was yo-yo-ing all the time. I realized I had turned to so many professionals to help ‘fix me’ but what I needed was a lot of self-reflection. I started doing the homework assignments you suggestions.

Your voice has stayed with me, Alan. It is a small and sincere voice that when I feel scared and self-doubting, I look it in the eye and consider the risks. This past Sunday, I  took a day-long course to become a licensed Zumba instructor. It was something on my Bucket list I wanted to do for myself. I wouldn’t have had the energy or self-motivated in the past. I had no problem keeping up with the class.  I’m still a work in progress.

I’m in the habit of making lunches the night before, and picking out the clothes the night before. Mornings now have more time for leisure and rarely are we ever late to playgroup. Shabbos prep has become easier. I’ve cut out a lot of unnecessary dishes.

Thank you for believing in me Alan. I’ve started believing in myself.

I am now striving and beginning to attain the goals you knew I could do. I had to want it. I’m excited and scared, but I’m motivated!



The life changing trick for me!

I came to Alan at age 36, with about 11kg to lose and taking 40mg of cholesterol lowering statin . I had already tried for years to get both my weight and cholesterol down either on my own, via dieticians and personal trainers. But I failed to move the needles substantially.

After the first 10 weeks program, I lost more than half of my goal and my cholesterol dropped by 75%!! My doctor agreed to drop my statin dosage down from 40mg to 10mg!

After another 10 weeks, after which I reached my weight goal and convinced my doctor to stop statins entirely.
I intend on keeping the course and maintaining what Alan’s program helped me achieve!

The changes I had to make were surprisingly small. I had to stick to a schedule, think ahead and plan. And most surprising of all – I was never hungry! I was accustomed to eating when hungry – turns out that’s a bad idea! Small changes in exercise and eating were the life changing trick for me!



Hi Alan,

About a year, ago, I came to you to lose weight. Although I did not come with the intention of improving my fertility, although I had been married for a few years, within about 2 months of starting your program, I found out that I was pregnant. This was after fertility treatments weren’t working and I had stopped them for a while.  I guess exercise, some weight loss, and good nutrition were what I needed.

Thank you!

EG, Jerusalem


Alan Freishtat is professional, caring, loving, understanding and takes into consideration all of your needs. I am personally working with him for the past few years and I feel like a different person. I am more fit than any time in my life and I have been steadily dropping weight too. I definitely have been able “…add hours to your days, days to your years, and years to your life”- under Alan’s guidance. I would like to recommend to all people living in Israel or that comes from overbroad Alan. He is a fantastic personal trainer.

Marc, Age 35, Jerusalem-Baltimore


For years, I was able to postpone a hip replacement because you taught me how to walk despite the intense pain. As you well know, hip replacements have a limited life span, so the longer one can postpone the surgery, the better. Eventually, the pain dissipated and I was walking without pain! It was truly unbelievable. I thank you everyday for your sound and “healthy” advice.

Sarah M., Jerusalem


“I was an overweight child from the age of 9. I was obese from the age of 21 and morbidly obese from the age of 30. I had been dieting as long as I could remember: losing, gaining, losing and then gaining even more. My husband wanted to give me a nice present for the holidays. He offered me jewelry, but instead I asked him to send me to Alan for personal training.

After doing the Lose It! Program with Alan and his colleagues, where I had lost my first 12 kilos (25 pounds), I desperately wanted to continue so I could reach my goal of losing 50 kilos (110 pounds). I wanted to find out what exercising was all about. Alan and I became partners in achieving my goals. He was now my coach and we set a weight loss goal of 70 kilo!

As soon as I began to work with Alan, the kilos started to melt away. I started to walk every day through my hilly neighborhood. More importantly, I loved it! Exercising no longer took effort, but became a way to relax. My energy and stamina started to grow. As an ex-gymnast, I discovered that I was just as flexible as I had been when I was younger. Then the unthinkable happened. My diabetes was gone! No more insulin. I no longer needed to take the medicine I was on for high blood pressure. I stopped taking my beta blockers. My cholesterol levels were fine. I didn’t need my painkillers anymore either.
Follow a diet? I found out in my early 20’s that they don’t work. How to lose weight in a healthy way? I found it here! Alan Freishtat gave me the biggest and best gift ever! I now know that with the continuation of my exercise plan and food plan, I will be able to keep the weight off!
On January 6th 2014, I reached the age of 50 and I reached my goal. The scale read 69.6 kilos! I lost a complete total of 55 kilo (121 pounds)!

Thank you, Alan!”

Yehudit Ziants, age 48, Maale Adumim


I have just completed a program with Alan combining his personal training and his nutrition program. I can honestly say that I am feeling the healthiest I have felt in years! This program has positively changed my life in many ways.

MG, Age 28, Jerusalem


I had suffered a sports related back injury when I was 13, followed by doctors visits, chiropractors, medications and never ending pain. When I was 17, I met Mr. Freishtat during a year I spent in Israel. After a regimen of stretching and exercise, I can say now, at age 30, I have not had any back pain since. Thank you Alan!!!

Eli Zinstein, N.Y.


As unusual as it may be, I developed type 1 diabetes in my 40s. Unfortunately, I was led to a treatment that was not only not helpful, but harmful to my condition. Alan had a connection to my family and I was advised to see him. Alan’s nutrition program helped me to learn how to eat properly and how to exercise in a balanced way. The nutrition program was very helpful to me along with Alan’s training.
For the first time in years, my blood sugar readings have been steady most of the time and the swings that were taking place have all but stopped. I am very grateful to Alan for drastically improving the quality of my life and highly recommend the program to anyone with a problematic medical condition, or just the desire to lose weight safely and effectively.

Sarah Sonnes, Age 46


I highly recommend Alan Freishtat’s fitness programs for anyone who would like to feel better, look better, and be fit. Alan works with excellence to develop fitness programs tailored to each individual’s needs. No one size fits all here!
As a psychologist, I can tell you that exercise is one of the most powerful mental health methods available. Whether you are struggling with depression, anxiety, coping with stress, ADHD or low self-esteem (and many other issues) exercise and coaching can be a very important part of your program. Since I started working out with Alan I not only have more strength, energy and endurance, but I also feel great about my ability to take on challenges and succeed.

Yehudis Mishell, Ph.D. Licensed Clinical Psychologist, Jerusalem / Author of Beyond Your Ego


After looking at pictures of myself from summer vacation, I decided that I looked like a beached whale. That is ironic since we moved to the Judean Desert four years ago and kept eating the wonderful Israeli foods available to us. When I saw that I could not chase after our four little grandchildren or walk up our hill for a social get together, I decided that it was time to do something. I saw a woman in my neighborhood who had successfully shed many kilos over a period of time, and decided to ask her the secret to her success. She said “I went to Alan Freishtat!” After inquiring, my husband and I joined Alan’s program and had great success. We decided to continue for another 10 weeks just to insure our eating and exercise routines and have met with excellent results. Good-bye to the Beached Whale and Hello to good health,fitness and good looks too.

Malka, Ma'ale Adumim, Israel


I take this opportunity of thanking Alan Freishtat, first of all for helping me under his personal and friendly guidance to achieve my goal of weight loss. It was a wonderful program that I found encouraging and a clear instruction on the tactics of how to have a healthy way of food consumption and exercise with very minimal discomfort (and without any ‘gimmick’). It truly has become an enjoyable way of life that I hope to continue. Not only this but he has given me direction, through his nutrition program, to actually maintain this weight loss and keep to the recommended menu of ‘life.’ I greatly recommend Alan’s program for anyone who wants to truly achieve a desire to lose weight and maintain the loss.

Dovid Marchant


Alan’s program changed my life. Many years ago, I tried my own diet and exercise program and lost 20 lbs. Needless to say, I gained it all back shortly afterwards. Alan’s guidance and his nutrition program have taught me much about good eating habits and sensible approaches to exercising; lessons that will stay with me.  Under Alan’s program, I have lost 36 lbs and over 6 inches off my waist line and have not felt this good in over 20 years. I have more energy now to perform daily tasks and actually look forward to “using my muscles,” such as for my short jog to shul or going up the 10 sets of stairs leading to my office floor. I highly recommend Alan’s program and hope that you will feel as good as I do now.

Kalman Feldman, Baltimore


It’s been about 3 and half years since I participated in Alan’s program. Today I got on the scales and my almost-two year old son climbed on as well. Together we were still under the weight I was when I started the program. I can’t believe that I lost an entire-toddler’s weight and I am so proud that after both pregnancy and parenthood I’ve still kept it off. Thank you!

Alexandra, Israel


For years I enjoyed reading Alan’s weekly article in Hamodia.  It was the first article I turned to (and still do). Especially on Shabbos when it was even more difficult to keep eating healthy and under control, his articles at least got me thinking about diet more than I would have. I eventually reached out by email to have Alan help me with my weight, high cholesterol, gout and severe back pain (for which the doctor was recommending surgery). I was initially skeptical about whether doing Alan’s program on Skype from London could be successful but being accountable to Alan during the weeks of the program and having ongoing support started to have real results which have lasted. 6 months on and I have lost almost 16 kilos and I am enjoying exercise for the first time. B’H my gout has disappeared, cholesterol is normal and I no longer have back pain.

At the beginning of the program Alan warned me that I would need to invest in new clothes in due course. I thought that was wishful thinking but that has certainly proved true!  

Aron J., UK


Take a couple, 64 and 67 years old, overweight, not doing much exercise weekly and we were heading for disaster. Already on high blood pressure medicine, we knew that if we didn’t change our lifestyle we would be in serious trouble.

We turned to Alan and he helped us do just that. He changed our lifestyle. We are not dieting, we have changed the way we shop, cook and eat. We have been taught ways of introducing exercise into our lives in a way that is a slow and steady buildup.

So as the kilos and inches come off, we are grateful to Alan and his program for guiding us to change the way we live.


I was referred to Alan because I was suffering acutely from a herniated disc in my back. I had tried everything but I was just getting worse. The doctors were starting to talk about surgery, which is risky and not a sure bet. When I came to Alan for the first time I had been on my back for three months with no end in sight. I could not sit or stand for more than 5 minutes at a time and walking became impossible after about 3. I was a not functioning as a father and husband. I couldn’t go anywhere unless I was driven there while lying in the back seat. The annual vacation my family waited for was out of the question. After about a week with Alan, I was moving around, after two weeks contributing somewhat and before the end of summer we went on vacation for two full days.
I the stayed with Alan for another 3 months by the end of which in addition to being totally free of any pain from the disc, I was in the best shape I had been in for 10 years, and haven’t had the slightest problem since. Thank you Alan for giving me “back” my life!!

Asher Saposh, 45 years old, Jerusalem


When I came to Alan, my life was out of control. I had put on a tremendous amount of weight and at a relatively young age, my cholesterol, triglycerides, blood pressure and blood sugar were all way beyond normal limits. With Alan’s guidance, I lowered my sugar by 96 points and my triglycerides by almost 200 points. My blood pressure and cholesterol both dropped to normal levels and most importantly, I was able to function normally and with abundant energy. I will forever be grateful to Alan for helping me add hours to my days, days to my years and years to my life!!

Ezri Pines, 47 years old, Jerusalem


Alan Freishtat is an amazing professional. Between the U. S. and Israel, I have had quite a few trainers; Alan is tops. He is upbeat; he really knows what he’s doing; he gives you achievable goals, and is very focused on you as a person. He is, however, not a softy; in other words, he makes you work, but you feel as if the regime he’s giving you is right for you, and you can see your progress. I am somewhat amazed by how much he knows; he is an expert in a lot of fields that are relevant to fitness, health and diet. When you put them all together, they add up to a comprehensive program which is very gratifying to a person who would like to improve his or her health. I have lots of confidence in Alan, and … he is fun to be with!

Roy Neuberger, 71 years old, Jerusalem, Israel and Lawrence, New York


My teenage son (age 12) lost 9 kilo in 5 months and feels great about himself! Alan, your coaching gave him the knowledge and ability to control his food intake and learn the importance of exercise. You have taught him the advantages of living a balanced lifestyle and have given him the ability to make proper choices. You have really changed his life. He is healthier, happier, more self confident and feels great about the way he looks. You have empowered him to take control of his life at a young age and I thank you for that. The only problem is that I have to keep buying him a new wardrobe every few months in smaller sizes!

Keep up the great work. With much gratitude for giving my son so much health and happiness.



After 2 1/2 months on Alan Freishtat’s program I received unexpected but amazing news. All my cholesterol and glucose levels, which were borderline or high before starting the program, were now well within normal levels. Based upon these results, my doctor informed me that there is no need to go on medications – and to continue the good work! Thank you, Alan!

Debra, Jerusalem


I joined Alan’s program because I just wasn’t managing to lose weight on other diets. I had PCOS issues, gestational diabetes and I had been off carbs, starving, and not seeing results. I wanted to lead a normal life, be healthy, and feel good. I must say this program met my most optimistic expectations. I exercise daily, I eat balanced meals WITH carbs, and feel great about my weight loss.

R.S., Jerusalem


I have had high blood pressure for quite a while and been medicated for it. I joined Alan’s program without expecting any major results. With his guidance and professionalism, not only did I lose weight but, Baruch Hashem, Alan took my blood pressure after the 5th and 9th weeks and it went to normal levels for the first time in years. Not only do I feel good , I am still eating and enjoying more food.
I highly recommend them–They get results!!