2 04 2022

Passover: Making a Plan (Part 2)


In part 1 of this article we mentioned different reasonable and attainable weight loss goals for Pesach. We also covered how to maintain our health during the Pesach preparations. As for the kinds of food we eat, everyone can make some subtle, but significant, adjustments. Put the emphasis on vegetables and try to use whole [...]

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2 04 2022

Passover: Making a Plan (Part 1)


Pesach is upon us… by now you have it all down to a good routine--which rooms get cleaned first, who is in charge of what, and when to kasher the kitchen.  There’s the grocery shopping, butcher order, and the fresh produce. How many guests are coming to the Seder(s) this year? How many for the [...]

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29 03 2020

Enjoying Pesach with Your Health Goals in Mind


It’s that time of the year again… but it certainly doesn't feel the same. Once again, this Pesach may be with a smaller crowd than usual. Despite all the changes and challenges we are going through with the Coronavirus, getting through Pesach with our health and weight intact is still possible - and perhaps even [...]

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4 04 2017

Healthy Habits for Pesach


It’s that time of the year again… the holiday season. Perhaps nothing is more challenging than enjoying Pesach with your health and weight intact. As daunting and challenging as this may seem, a few little tricks, and just a little self-discipline, can go a long way. Pay attention to portion sizes It seems that during [...]

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29 03 2017

Exercise for Simcha!


It seems ironic that while preparing for Yom Tov, when we are specifically commanded to be happy, we are in a constant state of stress and anxiety.   Did I get everything needed while shopping?  Did I remember to clean and look everywhere for Chametz?  Did I order enough Matzah?  Is everything ready and prepared for [...]

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17 04 2016

Pesach Tips


As daunting and challenging as it may seem to celebrate Pesach while keeping your health and weight intact, a few little tricks and just a little self-discipline can get you through virtually unscathed. There are essentially three areas where we all tend to get into trouble: The amounts of food we consume sitting at our tables [...]

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22 04 2014

Starting over again


JPost - How do we get back into shape after becoming enslaved to our desires for food and overeating during the holidays? Passover! When the Almighty took us out of Egypt, he gave us freedom. But freedom doesn’t mean doing whatever we want, however we want, whenever we want.Unfortunately, we generally become enslaved to our [...]

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