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19 04 2020

After Pesach…and Still at Home!


Here we go again!  And this year, most of us have not returned to work or school.  The “holiday” weight gain may be continuing.  Your clothes are tight, the scale is up and you might even be feeling just a bit lethargic.  I’m sure many of you are considering a diet.  DON’T DIET- get back [...]

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23 10 2019

A Season of New Beginnings


It’s over and behind us.  It started with preparations for Rosh Hashonah. After several “eating marathons” and a festive Chol HaMoed, the Succah may be down, but the scale is up!  Besides that, we’ve been very sedentary over the Yomim Tovim and perhaps the food we have eaten hasn’t been the healthiest.  Year after year, we overdo [...]

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4 09 2018

Rosh HaShana 5779


As we approach the New Year of 5779, Haba Aleinu L’tovah, there is always what to reflect upon as we look back at the past year. There is also some trepidation in terms of what awaits us in the coming year. This past year has been one of the most interesting years I’ve had since [...]

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14 06 2018

Choose Your Reward


As the spring and summer months begin, the phone starts ringing in my office well above average. It’s a combination of winter weight gain, feeling fatigued and lethargic and realizing our summer clothes are a bit too snug.  But now, the choice is yours. You can look back and keep thinking to yourself, “How did [...]

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22 08 2017

Weight Loss—Achieving Success


I have been helping people attempting to lose weight for 20 years.  I myself went through this process 25 years ago. People are attracted to all kinds of fads and formulas that sound exciting and get a lot of hype, but they just don’t work in the long term.  Our 10 Weeks to Health program [...]

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8 02 2017

No Way Around It—It Takes Work


There was very significant health news a few weeks ago.  When news about health makes it to the headlines, it usually means we have to pay attention.  For over 100 years, the average life expectancy of people who live in the United States has increased, with the exception of 1993 and that aberration occurred because [...]

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27 10 2016

Starting Over Again—Yet Again


We don’t like to let go.  But going back to our mundane lives now has to happen and here we go again!  The holiday season has passed and all of us have been mostly sedentary and we certainly have overeaten.  So what are we going to do about it this time—go on a diet?  Commit [...]

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21 07 2016

Let’s Get Practical


People like myself, in the field of bettering health, are constantly reading up on the latest findings in areas of diet, exercise and mental wellness and trying to implement them.  Once in a while, we have clients who are already on a good path to health and wellness but they want to refine what they [...]

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19 05 2016

Here We Go Again!


Spring is in full force.  All of the things that you have been putting off until now are staring you square in the face.  And for many of you, taking positive steps towards better health is probably on the list as it should be!  Weight loss may be at the forefront of your goals to [...]

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