107 2020

Corona… More to Know About Staying Healthy

We are now living in a very new and different world. Because of all the unknowns, we are all living with a little bit of anxiety and fear. We still don’t really know the extent of influence Corona will have. There are many things we can be doing to reduce the chances of getting this [...]

2406 2020

It’s Not Just for the Pandemic

One thing that has gotten a lot of attention since the outbreak of Covid-19, is the health of our immune system.  The immune system plays a role in protecting the body from all disease illness.  By taking good care of your immune system, your chances of getting any chronic or autoimmune disease or a viral or [...]

506 2020

Begin Again Now

Working from home and schooling from home. The very things that promote good health like activity and exercise, nutritious and controlled eating, and social interaction have fallen by the wayside.  As things begin to open again, let’s take advantage and start by making healthy living THE priority. Unfortunately, there has been a universal weight gain [...]

1705 2020

What Will Your “New Normal” Be?

It’s been a long 2 months, but we are slowly coming out of the Covid-19 lock down.  Life is slowly getting back to a "new normal."  While we have been vigilant about not getting the Covid-19 virus, in doing so, many of us have also been leading a sedentary life.  This may also include eating [...]

105 2020

The Takeaways From Covid-19 (so far…)

All of us have felt the ramification of the Covid-19 virus in one way or another.  Unfortunately, I think we all know someone who has succumbed to this terrible plague.  Many people are suffering financially and socially from the various restrictions that we have all needed to follow.  But like any situation, good or bad, [...]

1904 2020

After Pesach…and Still at Home!

Here we go again!  And this year, most of us have not returned to work or school.  The “holiday” weight gain may be continuing.  Your clothes are tight, the scale is up and you might even be feeling just a bit lethargic.  I’m sure many of you are considering a diet.  DON’T DIET- get back [...]

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