30 06 2022

A Tribute to Reuven Bruner OB”M – “Be alive as long as you live”


This article was also published in The Jerusalem Post: This week, someone who was a fixture for many years here in Jerusalem passed away at the age of 84.  Dr. Reuven (Bob) Bruner was one of the early promoters of physical fitness and healthy lifestyle for the English speaking community.  He changed many people’s lives [...]

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7 11 2021

Is Fit and Fat a Thing?


Here we go again!  Yet another study trying to figure out what is more important, being thin or being fit. Last month, The New York Times published a summary of a new study by Dr. Glenn Gaesser, a professor of physiology at Arizona State University.  Dr. Gaesser’s expertise is on the effects of physical activity [...]

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20 08 2020

Exercising in the Summer


Some people have been able to return to their regular workout routines despite all the Covid-19 restrictions. Others have needed to find new ways to get in their daily exercise and activity. And now here we are in the hot, sunny months of the year. My client, Gabe, and I discussed the value of outdoor [...]

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1 08 2019

Some Numbers to Ponder


25, 10,000, 150, 80-20, 30, and 120.  Are these my suggestions for this week’s lottery drawing?  No, not at all! These are not random numbers either.  They are numbers that different clients of mine have heard from me for different reasons at different times throughout the years.  What are they all about? To get more [...]

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10 05 2017

Fitness and Function


I think that exercise, activity and good eating habits are some of the most important daily habits in our lives.  You already know that.  What you might not know is that it seems that the population at large is finally going to feel the same way.  I can tell you that a few years ago [...]

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9 02 2016

Are you tracking?


There is never a shortage of fitness “crazes”.  Every year, there is some exercise more “in” than the year before.  The same is certainly true of diets.  And in our pursuit of the quick fix, we go out and buy the latest diet book because we figure this time it will really “work”.  Many times, [...]

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7 05 2015



A relative of mine told me that she was in the midst of her pre-Pesach cleaning when she discovered something not to be believed.  She came home from a long day at work, was faced with more cleaning to do and was exhausted beyond belief.  She took a brief rest and then started her tasks, [...]

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11 03 2015

Exercise is Medicine! (Part I)


Exercise is Medicine is an initiative launched on Nov. 5, 2007 by the American College of Sports Medicine that calls for physical activity and exercise to be standard parts of disease prevention and medical treatment.  It urges healthcare providers to assess and review patients’ physical activity programs at every visit, with office visits that conclude [...]

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9 12 2014

Be Happy! It Pays


Happiness is a strong factor in determining health and longevity. Be happy and optimistic, say recent studies, and you will be healthier and possibly live longer. It sounds straight forward enough, but how can a person be happy and optimistic if he is ill or has serious problems? Can I choose to change my mood [...]

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3 08 2014

It’s Your Heart—Take Care of It!


People who exercise, and exercise professionals like myself, sometimes get so carried away with building muscle, that they can easily forget that if the muscle in the middle of your chest, your heart, isn’t working right, not much else is going to matter. Your heart is a fist size muscle located in your chest. Depending [...]

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