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31 12 2023

Increasing the Odds


This article was originially published as an op-ed in The Jerusalem Post on Sunday, 31st  Dec. 2023: People have questioned me as to why at The Wellness Clinic we offer a free consultation before starting a program.  It’s very simple. People need to know before they get started on their journey to improved health, [...]

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17 01 2021

Step by Step – Thousands of Them!


If you follow the news on activity and exercise (or just read my blogs and articles), you know that there are multiple recommendations regarding the daily quantity for exercise and activity. Here’s a reminder about the pronounced health and wellness benefits resulting from exercise and activity: People who exercise, even moderately, decrease their chances of [...]

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7 02 2019

I Don’t Believe It (and neither should you)!


Joe came to see me in my office last week for a consultation and is now about to start our 10 Week program.  Aside from being overweight and sedentary, he has prediabetes and high blood pressure.  Coupled with a poor family history, Joe decided to take action to reverse his problems and prevent anything worse [...]

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12 12 2018

Winter Motivation


We've all been told that exercising and staying active in the winter is a great way to stay warm. Exercising has great benefits and can certainly help prevent winter weight gain. Here are a few FAQs to help you stay informed and motivated to keep active this winter:   Why do people gain weight in [...]

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20 07 2017

Take a Breather


From the moment you were born, you’ve been breathing.  It’s a normal, involuntary action in a healthy person.  But when you are exercising, whether in the aerobic or muscle building mode, how you breathe can make all the difference in how efficient your exercise will be.  Oxygen is the main source of energy in aerobic [...]

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24 02 2016

It’s Winter Again


Although we had a warm beginning to winter this year, there is no question that it is here now, albeit the late arrival.  With temperatures running below normal and wind and rain making it difficult to get out and exercise, we need to look at the alternatives to outdoor workouts and how to cope with [...]

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16 12 2015

I Have No Time to Exercise!


It was Sunday evening and I looked at my schedule for Monday and realized that the office had gotten very busy, so there wasn’t going to be time to do a formal exercise routine that Monday.  Some days, I can take some of my clients for outdoor powerwalks and at least I know I can [...]

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19 03 2015

Exercise is Medicine! (Part III)


Last week’s column focused on the benefits of exercise vis-à-vis high blood pressure, high cholesterol and cancer. This third and final segment of Exercise is Medicine! will discuss Metabolic Syndrome, lower back pain and osteoporosis. Exercising is very helpful in weight reduction and in preventing weight gain. It is also beneficial in maintaining a healthy [...]

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