25 01 2018

What’s Wrong With The Picture?


What we see on the outside is not necessarily the whole picture.  Both as a personal trainer and a coach, I know this well.  The picture very rarely tells the whole story.  Here are two people who lead successful and happy lives—at least when you see them from the outside.  But they are also suffering [...]

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8 02 2017

No Way Around It—It Takes Work


There was very significant health news a few weeks ago.  When news about health makes it to the headlines, it usually means we have to pay attention.  For over 100 years, the average life expectancy of people who live in the United States has increased, with the exception of 1993 and that aberration occurred because [...]

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24 08 2016

The Kids Too!


Society, with its current lifestyle habits has created a high percentage of adults who are not well.  The amount of adults with high blood pressure, type 2 diabetes or pre-diabetes, high cholesterol and obesity is higher than ever with many people having multiple health issues or full-blown metabolic syndrome.  But over the last few months, [...]

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10 08 2016

I hope you aren’t dieting!


It seems as if everybody’s going on a diet!  Well, not quite.  But people call my office all the time asking about our “diet” program.  I don’t have one.  I have a weight loss program that is anything but a diet. There is some good news though. This past year we saw that only 20% [...]

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21 06 2016

Too Much, Too Fast


A few years ago, a father brought his teenage son into my office for a conversation.  Yehuda was in Yeshiva out of town and he was class 3 obese.  At age 16, his parents were rightfully concerned about his well-being.  If at this age he was this heavy, with a 40+ BMI, what was going [...]

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2 06 2016

Keeping Up With the Times


Do you remember the original food pyramid? The bottom of the pyramid reflected what we should eat the most and the top was what we should eat sparingly. Do you remember the specific instructions that if we just cut the fats in our diet, we will cure cardiovascular disease?  Well, it’s time for some deprogramming. [...]

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27 01 2016

Dear Mark…


The following is a letter I wrote to a client of mine (name has been changed): Dear Mark, It’s been just about 4 years since we met each other.  You came into my weight loss program for a very good reason.   At 157 kilograms and a BMI of 42, it was definitely time for you, at [...]

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7 10 2015

So, which is it?


As both a wellness coach and personal trainer, one thing I am NOT trying to do is help people achieve perfection in any particular area.  What I am trying to do, is help people make improvements in their lifestyle habits in order to bring about a healthier quality of life. Getting everyone to be an [...]

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28 08 2014

The Cost of Poor Health and Obesity


The two most common excuses people give for not exercising and taking care of their general health are lack of time, and finances. In previous articles, I have addressed the time issue, but I would like to add the following: If you don’t make the time to exercise, you won’t have much time to do [...]

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