24 03 2020

Getting Through the Stress in Tough Times


To say that we are going through unprecedented tough times might be an understatement.  And this time, the whole world is keeping us company. Yes, we are all stressed to some degree or another.  But how we handle our stress can have a big influence on how we get through the current crises and stay [...]

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18 07 2019

An Apple A Day…


This past Shabbat brought a certain amount of stress with it.  Why would a day of rest, away from work, phones and technology, bring stress? We were looking forward to guests for Shabbat lunch and this was exactly the source of the stress.  You see, one of our guests recently wrote a newspaper article about [...]

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11 07 2019

Finally Making Headlines!


Every news publication printed it. All the electronic media across the globe broadcast it.  What was it that caught the attention of the world this spring?  The basic headline was “POOR DIET KILLS MORE THAN SMOKING AND HIGH BLOOD PRESSURE.” The study publicized shows that the “Western diet,” now known as SAD-Standard American Diet, is [...]

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14 03 2019

The New Medicine is Here (Part 2)


In part one of this article, we discussed how research is showing the healing effects of a healthy diet.  A healthy diet, based on current research, involves eating plant-based foods, greatly reducing processed foods, and keeping animal proteins to a minimum. Despite their lack of training in nutrition, doctors are turning to food to cure [...]

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7 03 2019

The New Medicine is Here (Part 1)


Have you ever heard one of those stories?  I’m sure you have.  The doctors gave up—they sent her home to rest as comfortably as possible until her demise.  “There is nothing more we can do” they said.  Confined to a wheel chair and suffering from constant and severe chest pain, she already had a bypass [...]

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7 02 2019

I Don’t Believe It (and neither should you)!


Joe came to see me in my office last week for a consultation and is now about to start our 10 Week program.  Aside from being overweight and sedentary, he has prediabetes and high blood pressure.  Coupled with a poor family history, Joe decided to take action to reverse his problems and prevent anything worse [...]

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28 12 2018

A Bad Rap for Carbohydrates


We live in a world of extremes.  For those who want to follow the Rambam’s sensible way of living, a balanced path of diet and exercise, seems elusive.  In the last few decades, we have been treated to low carbs, high protein, low fat, low sugar, no sugar, high carbs, gluten free, etc.  It’s as [...]

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20 12 2018

Moving Toward Plant-based Eating


More and more people are asking me how important moving toward plant-based eating really is.  Awareness is growing about avoiding animal products, especially processed meats. Media outlets are exposing the negative aspects of animal products and touting the potential health advantages of plant-based eating. Abe came to speak to me about weight loss, but he [...]

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10 05 2017

Fitness and Function


I think that exercise, activity and good eating habits are some of the most important daily habits in our lives.  You already know that.  What you might not know is that it seems that the population at large is finally going to feel the same way.  I can tell you that a few years ago [...]

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26 04 2017

SO, I Was Just Thinking… (Part 1)


I’ve been doing what I do for almost 20 years now.  It was almost 27 years ago that I turned my own life around and said goodbye to overweight and high blood pressure.  I made my success my passion and became a personal fitness trainer, and then subsequently got coaching certifications in lifestyle coaching, wellness [...]

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