16 08 2018

Eat Those Fruits


This past Shabbat brought a certain amount of stress with it.  Why would a day of rest, away from work, phones and technology, bring stress? We were looking forward to guests for Shabbat lunch and this was exactly the source of the stress.  You see, one of our guests recently wrote a newspaper article about [...]

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10 05 2017

Fitness and Function


I think that exercise, activity and good eating habits are some of the most important daily habits in our lives.  You already know that.  What you might not know is that it seems that the population at large is finally going to feel the same way.  I can tell you that a few years ago [...]

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26 04 2017

SO, I Was Just Thinking… (Part 1)


I’ve been doing what I do for almost 20 years now.  It was almost 27 years ago that I turned my own life around and said goodbye to overweight and high blood pressure.  I made my success my passion and became a personal fitness trainer, and then subsequently got coaching certifications in lifestyle coaching, wellness [...]

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16 03 2017

Is Food Enough for Nutrition? (Part 2)


(In part one of this article, we discussed how getting essential nutrients from the modern diet can be difficult.  We also covered how without the right nutrition, physical ailments or depression can occur.  Part two investigates if vitamin supplements do indeed help nutritional requirements or are whole foods a better option?) Do we need vitamin [...]

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1 03 2017

Is Food Enough for Nutrition? (Part 1)


Although we have become obsessed with food in regard to weight loss, food is our nutrition and it provides us with the energy we need to function daily.  What is it that food does for us?  Food provides the energy and nutrients we need to be healthy. By eating a variety of foods we get [...]

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23 02 2017

We’re all SMILES!


Sometimes when the evidence finally emerges, I get very excited.  There are some things we know through experience or what some might call the “6th sense”. But when a good scientific large-scale study proves your point, it’s very exciting! Most educated people know that exercise and proper healthy eating are extremely beneficial to one’s health [...]

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25 11 2015

Steps to Prevent Alzheimer’s Disease (part two)


In part one of this article, we covered the prevalence of Alzheimer’s disease and the risk factors that we can’t change and the ones we can.  In this article we will discuss dietary factors as well as the role sleep can play in prevention. Nutrition Our dietary habits turn out to be a very large [...]

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21 05 2015

Using Nutrition and Exercise for Stress Management


Baruch recently came to see me to talk about an exercise program.  Baruch isn’t overweight-not at all.  However he had been “foggy” for an extended period of time and was having digestive issues—all due to stress.  But he had read an article about how exercise can help and wanted to hear what I had to [...]

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