2803 2019

Good News on the Exercise Front—Everything counts!

By now I hope that most people have come to understand the great importance of being active and exercising.  We’ve seen beyond a doubt, what the sedentary lifestyle that we’ve created can do to our health.  Although modern medicine has created numerous ways to keep us alive, the rate of heart disease isn’t decreasing, and [...]

1403 2019

The New Medicine is Here (Part 2)

In part one of this article, we discussed how research is showing the healing effects of a healthy diet.  A healthy diet, based on current research, involves eating plant-based foods, greatly reducing processed foods, and keeping animal proteins to a minimum. Despite their lack of training in nutrition, doctors are turning to food to cure [...]

703 2019

The New Medicine is Here (Part 1)

Have you ever heard one of those stories?  I’m sure you have.  The doctors gave up—they sent her home to rest as comfortably as possible until her demise.  “There is nothing more we can do” they said.  Confined to a wheel chair and suffering from constant and severe chest pain, she already had a bypass [...]

2802 2019

Brain Food

We all know by now the profound impact food consumption has on our health. High consumption of healthy options and the reduction of poor quality processed foods can prevent, or reverse, heart disease.  But what role does our diet play in how are brain works?  Can a healthy diet help cognitive function, memory and our [...]

2102 2019

What a Pleasant Surprise!

People sign up for various programs in our health clinic for various reasons.  Although many clients come in order to lose weight, there are usually health issues involved that are more important to address than the extra weight. There are the typical problems of diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol and muscular-skeletal problems including lower [...]

1502 2019

Combating Adolescent Obesity

The phone rings in my office. A mother is calling about her teenage daughter or son who is, at this early age, struggling with being overweight or obese.  Sometimes the teenager already has high cholesterol or even high blood pressure. This is unfortunately becoming too commonplace. Adolescent obesity has been linked to depression, anxiety, suicidal [...]

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