1807 2019

An Apple A Day…

This past Shabbat brought a certain amount of stress with it.  Why would a day of rest, away from work, phones and technology, bring stress? We were looking forward to guests for Shabbat lunch and this was exactly the source of the stress.  You see, one of our guests recently wrote a newspaper article about [...]

1107 2019

Finally Making Headlines!

Every news publication printed it. All the electronic media across the globe broadcast it.  What was it that caught the attention of the world this spring?  The basic headline was “POOR DIET KILLS MORE THAN SMOKING AND HIGH BLOOD PRESSURE.” The study publicized shows that the “Western diet,” now known as SAD-Standard American Diet, is [...]

407 2019

Ketogenic Diet?! I Think NOT!

Here we are —again -- looking for some way to take off the extra weight we and keep it off this time!  All of us would also like to renew our health, in general, with some exercise and good healthy eating.  But everyone still seems to have those demons in their heads telling them to [...]

2706 2019

Very Good “Medicine”

It is commonly known that exercise is considered very good “medicine” for many physiological problems. Exercise can help prevent heart disease, cancer, diabetes, obesity, and countless other physical problems.  More and more, exercise is being recommended by doctors and other health providers in place of, or in conjunction with, medication for high cholesterol, high blood [...]

2006 2019

Oil: An “O” -Mega Load of Information

It’s no secret that oils are 100% fat.  We have always presumed that what discerns a “good” oil, as opposed to a “bad” oil, is the ratio of omega 3’s (the good guys) and omega 6’s (the bad guys).  Let’s take a look at what these omegas are, examine different oils, and then look at [...]

306 2019

Slow and Steady is Winning This Race

A little over a year ago, I wrote an article about a lady with grit and patience. Here is a little reminder: Aviva started our program at a weight off 155 kilogram at 53 years old.  She’s not very tall, and her BMI was just over 62 (yes--you read that correctly).  She was suffering from [...]

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