2002 2022

From Ordinary to Extraordinary

It’s been how many months – or years- since Covid- 19 first came on the scene? Who’s able to keep track of all the changes, rules, and regulations society has been through in a relatively short span of time? Well, I choose to look at a different reality. I see the people that decided enough [...]

3001 2022

How Important is Maintaining a Normal Weight?

A few years ago, I wrote two articles about a lady named Aviva. Aviva started working with me, 5 years ago, while weighing 155 kilograms—that’s 341 pounds.  I last wrote about Aviva’s progress two and a half years ago. At that point Aviva had dropped 39 kilograms, or 86 pounds.  Without going into detail, her [...]

1601 2022

Lessons from Covid – Alan’s JPost op-ed

The following article appeared as an op-ed written by Alan in The Jerusalem Post: It’s been almost two years since COVID-19 made its appearance on the world stage. It has caused pain and sorrow, and we had to get used to a brand new way of life. The things we have taken for granted in the [...]

201 2022

If I Can Do It, You Can, Too

If I Can Do It, You Can, Too - How I got back to good health For those of you who think I’ve always led a healthy lifestyle, you’re in for disappointment. By the time I was age 33, I was overweight, my clothes didn’t fit and my blood pressure was already on the high [...]

1212 2021

Is That True? Fictions and Truths about Health

I think the topic of health ranks pretty high among areas with false paradigms. Sometimes we form opinions on incomplete data and later find out, as more data is collected, that what we thought was true really is not. Look back on the last 21 months of the Covid-19 pandemic! The more data that is [...]

2411 2021

Chanukah: When Less is More

As Chanukah is here, my house is quiet.  All of my children are married and out of the house.   I quickly remembered times when we needed a large table for all of the menorahs, how candle-lighting took a long time as each child recited the blessings and we sang Maoz Tur afterwards.  I realized that even though there was less [...]

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