2009 2018

In The Thick of Things

We are in the middle of it now.  Rosh Hashanah is behind us but Succos is here.  Hopefully, you have been able to keep your food intake under control during the Chagim.  We’ve had two days of Yom Tov, a fast day, erev Yom Kippur, and breaking the fast.  This is not a time of [...]

409 2018

Rosh HaShana 5779

As we approach the New Year of 5779, Haba Aleinu L’tovah, there is always what to reflect upon as we look back at the past year. There is also some trepidation in terms of what awaits us in the coming year. This past year has been one of the most interesting years I’ve had since [...]

3008 2018

Eat Out and Enjoy It!

Sixty or seventy years ago, eating out in a restaurant or buying takeout food was practically nonexistent in our community.  Kosher eateries were very rare, and most people weren’t able to spend any extra money on what, at the time, was an extravagance.  Even in the non-Jewish world, the idea of fast food style restaurants [...]

2308 2018

The Shopping Trip

I usually do the grocery shopping, and I typically go on my way home from work.  Needless to say, we make an effort to buy healthier choices.  But I’ve noticed lately, that the most innocent items on our shopping list are becoming a real challenge. This past Wednesday I went to the grocery store and [...]

1608 2018

Eat Those Fruits

This past Shabbat brought a certain amount of stress with it.  Why would a day of rest, away from work, phones and technology, bring stress? We were looking forward to guests for Shabbat lunch and this was exactly the source of the stress.  You see, one of our guests recently wrote a newspaper article about [...]

407 2018

Is Your Food Safe?

We spend a lot of time thinking about and talking about nutrition and calories. “Is this food fattening?”  “Is this good for me?” “How processed is this?”  But even the healthiest choices can cause us to feel sick and put our digestive tracks in great distress if not handled correctly. You might have noticed, particularly [...]

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