3005 2021

Besides Diet and Exercise…Sleep!

When it comes to living a healthy, happy, and long life, food is king.  Exercise and activity are very important, too. And then there’s the bigger picture: lifestyle habits. Good lifestyle habits are the best medicine to combat chronic illness. Let’s review We live in a world where heart disease, type 2 diabetes, obesity, high [...]

205 2021

Food Addiction – It’s Real

They come into my office.  Their guard is down and they are ready to finally take the steps necessary to change their life around and start being healthy, happy, fit and functional.  This typical case repeats itself with individuals who may be obese and have other comorbidities such as type 2 diabetes, heart disease, high [...]

1104 2021

Different This Time (part 2) – Follow the PATH

In part one of this article, we talked about the total failure of dieting and how the focus needs to shift to food quality. A focus on lifestyle changes will bring about good health and permanent weight loss.  This includes proper eating, activity and exercise, good sleep habits, and managing stress.  Let’s work together to [...]

404 2021

Different This Time

We’ve been through this before—you and me both!  It’s after Pesach, and this time it’s also after more than a year of pandemic lockdowns. Everyone is thinking about weight loss and dieting—and the failure that will result. This isn’t because you don’t want to succeed or because you can’t be successful.  It’s because diets, by [...]

1403 2021

Passover: Making a Plan (Part 2)

In part 1 of this article we mentioned different reasonable and attainable weight loss goals for Pesach. We also covered how to maintain our health during the Pesach preparations. Pesach  There are essentially three areas where we all tend to get into trouble: the amounts of food we consume at our festive meals the types [...]

703 2021

Passover: Making a Plan (Part 1)

Pesach is upon us… by now you have it all down to a good routine--which rooms get cleaned first, who is in charge of what, and when to kasher the kitchen.  There’s the grocery shopping, butcher order, and the fresh produce. How many guests are coming to the Seder(s) this year? How many for the [...]

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