1701 2021

Step by Step – Thousands of Them!

If you follow the news on activity and exercise (or just read my blogs and articles), you know that there are multiple recommendations regarding the daily quantity for exercise and activity. Here’s a reminder about the pronounced health and wellness benefits resulting from exercise and activity: People who exercise, even moderately, decrease their chances of [...]

3112 2020

Breaking Through the Plateau

Samuel came into my office yesterday for his initial intake.  He lost a lot of weight, some came back.  He’s been trying everything he can think of to reverse the trend, but now he’s just stuck at the same.  I’ve see this story before.  Another version - Rachel, a longtime client of mine, has lost [...]

1512 2020

Cholesterol, Heart Disease and Statins—The Truth Comes Out (Part 2)

(In part 1 of this article, we looked at the good things cholesterol does for us and examined the questionable research that established a direct connection between cholesterol and heart disease.  We also saw the role that the pharmaceutical companies play in funding and possibly manipulating studies to push the use of the drugs they [...]

112 2020

Cholesterol, Heart Disease and Statins—The Truth Comes Out (Part 1)

I have contemplated writing an article on this subject for close to 10 years.  Why haven’t I?  Because this subject is controversial. Controversial?!  Everyone knows that high cholesterol causes heart attacks and strokes!!  Well, maybe not! It’s a complicated topic, but I think my readers need to have enough information to make an informed decision before [...]

1511 2020

Putting Heart Disease in Reverse

Coronary artery disease can be reversed. True of False? If you ask most doctors, including cardiologist, you probably will receive a foggy kind of answer.  You might hear “FALSE!”  If this is the answer you are hearing from a doctor, it’s unfortunate. The correct answer is TRUE - Coronary artery disease can be reversed. There are [...]

111 2020

I Stopped Counting Calories

It’s been 22 years since I started helping people lose weight.  It’s been about 30 years since I made a personal decision to make health and prevention of disease a personal priority.  But it has only been a few years since I’ve come across powerful research regarding health and disease prevention. One of the things [...]

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