1212 2018

Winter Motivation

We've all been told that exercising and staying active in the winter is a great way to stay warm. Exercising has great benefits and can certainly help prevent winter weight gain. Here are a few FAQs to help you stay informed and motivated to keep active this winter:   Why do people gain weight in [...]

2211 2018

Your Second Brain—Take Care of It! (Part 2)

 In part one we thoroughly described the role of the microbiome, or gut bacteria. We mentioned that the microbiome has such influence on our health—physical and mental—that it is now being referred to as the second brain.  There are trillions of microscopic organisms that form the human microbiome. Taking care of them, by refraining from [...]

1511 2018

Your Second Brain—Take Care of It!

Wow! Research concerning how we should take care of our health and well-being has really evolved.  The advice that health professionals, including me, were giving out a decade or two ago was faulty.  Research is ever evolving! Discoveries of the last few years really sheds light on what is good for us and what is [...]

811 2018

Cholesterol, Heart Disease and Statins—The Truth Comes Out (Part 2)

(In part 1 of this article, we looked at the good things cholesterol does for us and examined the questionable research that established a direct connection between cholesterol and heart disease.  We also saw the role that the pharmaceutical companies play in funding and possibly manipulating studies to push the use of the drugs they [...]

3110 2018

Cholesterol, Heart Disease and Statins—The Truth Comes Out (Part 1)

I have contemplated writing an article on this subject for close to 10 years.  Why haven’t I?  Because this subject is controversial. Controversial?!  Everyone knows that high cholesterol causes heart attacks and strokes!!  Well, maybe not! It’s a complicated topic, but I think my readers need to have enough information to make an informed decision before [...]

210 2018

It’s Over—Now What?

Our Succahs are down and the Yomim Tovim are now behind us.  Hopefully, we had a lot of enjoyable, quality time with our families.  Undoubtedly, we also took liberties with the amount and types of food we consumed.  And we did this at a time when we are less active than usual.  Obviously, that isn’t [...]

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