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1 12 2016

Is it my Thyroid? (Part 2)


In part 1 of this article, we began delving into the factors which affect the thyroid and how well it functions.  We mentioned that common symptoms of thyroid dysfunction are fatigue, brain fog, weight gain, cold hands and feet, sluggish bowels, depressed mood, cognitive decline and low vitality.  We also talked about the first 5 [...]

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19 05 2016

Here We Go Again!


Spring is in full force.  All of the things that you have been putting off until now are staring you square in the face.  And for many of you, taking positive steps towards better health is probably on the list as it should be!  Weight loss may be at the forefront of your goals to [...]

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23 12 2015

Can Food and Exercise affect your Mood?


We are all human.  And that means as much as we try, from time to time, might get in a bad mood.  By definition, mood is a temporary state of mind or feeling.  That means that if you are always in a bad mood, you might be suffering from clinical depression and if you are [...]

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2 12 2015

Is a Vegetarian Healthier?


Helen was a 40 year old with multiple health issues at a relatively young age.  Her problems mostly stemmed from her obesity and sedentary life style.  When we began discussing her eating habits, she disclosed to me that she is a vegetarian.  Most of us identify vegetarianism with a healthier lifestyle, but here was Helen, [...]

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15 07 2015

Exercising in the Summer


Gavriel is a 36 year old who comes to see me specifically for weight loss.  He puts in a full day of learning and tends to his business matters in the evening and night.  As a family man, he is fairly busy all the time.  He is doing very well in his weight loss program [...]

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