21 06 2016

Too Much, Too Fast


A few years ago, a father brought his teenage son into my office for a conversation.  Yehuda was in Yeshiva out of town and he was class 3 obese.  At age 16, his parents were rightfully concerned about his well-being.  If at this age he was this heavy, with a 40+ BMI, what was going [...]

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7 01 2016

The Things I CAN Change


When it comes to health and fitness, there is a lot that we can control.  But there are also things that we can’t control.  And unfortunately, many people think that they can’t control some of the things we very much CAN control.  We can’t control the fact that we age daily and we might have [...]

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28 09 2014

It Just Won’t Come Off (Part 1)


It’s frustrating! You have changed around your eating habits or you have begun walking every day. You have cut out some of the higher calorie foods that you used to eat regularly. You really need to lose about 10 kilos (22 pounds) and as your health and looks are at stake, you have every incentive [...]

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27 08 2014

The Metabolic Boost (Part 2)


In last week’s column, we defined metabolism, discussed the benefits of raising one’s resting metabolic rate and highlighted the ways in which having a higher muscle mass boosts metabolism. Below are some tips which can help us achieve that goal, and increase our overall health and well-being. Tips for Raising Your Metabolism 1. Build Lean [...]

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24 08 2014

The Metabolic Boost (Part 1)


I’m sure that you’ve probably been to a Simcha and stood at the reception with your mouth wide open in amazement and watched as someone who is as skinny as a beanpole downs three pieces of cake.  You say to yourself, “If I did that, my clothes wouldn’t fit anymore.”  What’s the difference between that [...]

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