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10 09 2019

Meal Planning for Holidays


Navigating Yom Tov As always, preparation and planning is required.   The key is to enjoy your Yom Tov and Shabbos meals without gaining a lot of weight or harming your health.  This is where the planning comes in.  If you plan every meal through Simchas Torah, you and your family will be much better off. [...]

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23 03 2017

It’s a Long, Long Shabbos


Now it is summer and the days are longer. There is certainly a great advantage to having longer daylight hours.  There are more hours for outdoor activities and trips.  We even have more time on Friday to prepare for Shabbos without rush.  But when it comes to Shabbos itself, we can run into problems that [...]

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3 09 2015

It’s That Time of Year…


Here we are in the midst of the month of Elul, the last year in the Jewish calendar.  It’s a time of reflection and it is also a time of preparation.  We are all focusing now on introspection and planning for Rosh HaShanah, the Day of Judgment, and the ten days of tshuva leading to [...]

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12 02 2015

It’s also how you eat!


Quite often, people call who inquire about my weight loss programs insisting that they eat healthy and just can’t figure out why they can’t lose weight.  Much of the time, people who eat “healthy” don’t really know what healthy eating entails, and we have to make corrections in their overall diet. Other times, they are truly [...]

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21 05 2014

Gut Check! (Part 2)


In Gut Check! part 1 ( I talked about the 41 million people in the US alone who visit their doctor for GI issues.  Do you suffer from unexplained stomach aches? Lactose Intolerance Someone who is lactose Intolerant doesn’t necessarily have to give up milk products entirely. Different people have different levels of tolerance for [...]

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9 04 2014

This Passover, Don’t Skip Meals


Here are some tips to get through Passover this year. First and foremost, Don’t skip meals - especially right before the Seder. Make sure you eat a healthy breakfast and a light meal before the Seder.  Remember: you will not eat your Pesach meal until late, and if you are very hungry, you may overeat at [...]

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