10 12 2015

Too Much of a Good Thing


Those of us involved in health, fitness and weight loss, can usually look forward to an increase in our client load after Chanukah.  The over-consumption of high calorie foods, like latkes and jelly donuts, along with general over-consumption over the 8 days has to have a negative effect.  Besides having to get good eating habits back [...]

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30 07 2015

The Stress-Exercise Connection—How Does it Work?


With today's societal demands, there is no shortage of stressors in our daily lives. We deal with so many issues such as health, education, relationshps, finances, and more. Sometimes when things are stressful, we go for a walk, jog or swim and come back feeling calm and better equipped to deal with the issues at [...]

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23 07 2015

Summer Vacations


Ariella has been a long time client who is always watching her weight very carefully.  Even during the Chagim, she holds her own and barely gains weight.  But Ariella has one time of year that is truly her downfall when it comes to keeping her weight in a normal range, and that is the summer [...]

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21 05 2015

Using Nutrition and Exercise for Stress Management


Baruch recently came to see me to talk about an exercise program.  Baruch isn’t overweight-not at all.  However he had been “foggy” for an extended period of time and was having digestive issues—all due to stress.  But he had read an article about how exercise can help and wanted to hear what I had to [...]

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7 05 2015



A relative of mine told me that she was in the midst of her pre-Pesach cleaning when she discovered something not to be believed.  She came home from a long day at work, was faced with more cleaning to do and was exhausted beyond belief.  She took a brief rest and then started her tasks, [...]

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19 03 2015

Exercise is Medicine! (Part III)


Last week’s column focused on the benefits of exercise vis-à-vis high blood pressure, high cholesterol and cancer. This third and final segment of Exercise is Medicine! will discuss Metabolic Syndrome, lower back pain and osteoporosis. Exercising is very helpful in weight reduction and in preventing weight gain. It is also beneficial in maintaining a healthy [...]

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16 03 2015

Exercise is Medicine! (Part II)


Last week’s column examined the role that exercise can play in reducing and possibly eliminating the need for statins and blood pressure medication. We also discussed the positive effects of exercise for diabetics. This week, we will discuss the benefits of exercise vis-à-vis high blood pressure, high cholesterol and cancer. High Blood Pressure High Blood [...]

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11 03 2015

Exercise is Medicine! (Part I)


Exercise is Medicine is an initiative launched on Nov. 5, 2007 by the American College of Sports Medicine that calls for physical activity and exercise to be standard parts of disease prevention and medical treatment.  It urges healthcare providers to assess and review patients’ physical activity programs at every visit, with office visits that conclude [...]

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29 01 2015

Try to Remember


Memories!  We all have them.  Some are very pleasant and some may be not so pleasant, but our brains were made to remember.   Often times, you might be sitting around reminiscing about things from your childhood, 40 or 50 years ago. Sometimes, we are simply going over something we just heard in a shiur 30 [...]

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22 01 2015

That Winter Weight Gain!


Its winter! It’s cold and dark.  Your body just can’t seem to warm up and aside from that, due to the cold and inclement weather, you are outside and around much less than other times of the year.  You feel warmer when you eat and because you are stuck inside more than you want to [...]

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