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31 01 2021

Here’s “What” You Need to Know


Been there—done that!  Yes, I am talking about weight loss and supposedly improving health through diet. We all start with the best intentions and actually lose weight.  Sometimes maybe even lot of weight.  But inevitably, we fall into the 95% group and we gain it back –and more. What did we do and why didn’t [...]

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1 11 2020

I Stopped Counting Calories


It’s been 22 years since I started helping people lose weight.  It’s been about 30 years since I made a personal decision to make health and prevention of disease a personal priority.  But it has only been a few years since I’ve come across powerful research regarding health and disease prevention. One of the things [...]

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24 01 2017

Is it worth the counting?


The number of people who consciously watch what they eat and actually do serious exercise is relatively small compared to the population at large.  We have watched as obesity and overweight have become epidemics and the amount of people with diabetes and high blood pressure and other disease has grown proportionately with the growth in [...]

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16 11 2016

How Late Can I Eat?


Frank is a Skype client from the mid-Atlantic United States.  He has become a great exerciser in our time together and is being very mindful in executing his food program.  He feels better than when he started, but the truth is, he really isn’t losing weight.  Yes, he has stopped gaining and because he is [...]

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26 08 2015

Don’t Make Weight Loss Mistakes


Roughly 70% of us could stand to lose some weight.  Some people need to only lose a few kilos, others may have years of work to do in order to get into a range of healthy weight.  But as we all know, the chances of long-term success aren’t very good.  With some help from Web [...]

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