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17 01 2021

Step by Step – Thousands of Them!


If you follow the news on activity and exercise (or just read my blogs and articles), you know that there are multiple recommendations regarding the daily quantity for exercise and activity. Here’s a reminder about the pronounced health and wellness benefits resulting from exercise and activity: People who exercise, even moderately, decrease their chances of [...]

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22 03 2020

Keep Moving!


Exercise is really an essential part of healthy living, so every Sunday, you reaffirm that this is “the week.” You’ve already mapped out a course for a 35 minute daily walk, and you even purchased a book about muscle building exercises for beginners.  You are all ready to go! But then the Coronavirus took us [...]

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17 01 2018

Preventing Dementia


This article is dedicated to the memory of my mother-in-law, who after more than a decade of Dementia, recently passed away.  Alzheimer’s disease and other dementias pose serious health risks. Alzheimer’s is the fifth leading cause of death for Americans over 65.  In the next decades, the number of cases worldwide is expected to nearly [...]

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28 12 2017

A NEAT idea


You have the best of intentions. After years of sedentary living, you now realize that exercise is really an essential part of healthy living.  Besides that, your wife has been on your case to start getting in shape and reducing the size of your continually growing stomach.  Every Sunday, you reaffirm that this is “the [...]

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5 04 2016

Just When the Going gets Tough


We are in the thick of it now.  It’s that time of year when the seasonal stressors can take their toll if we allow them to.  It’s the Purim-Pesach season. This means all the Purim preparations-- arranging a Purim Seuda, buying everything you need, preparing and delivering your Meshloach Manos -- and the second Purim [...]

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