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27 06 2017

High Blood Pressure? Maybe not!


High blood pressure is no joke.  Having high blood pressure can have several negative effects on your health, many of which can lead to premature death.  HBP or hypertension, can lead to damaged or narrow arteries.  That in turn decreases blood circulation throughout the body.  It can weaken your arteries as well and result in [...]

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13 05 2015

The Silent Killer


Dovid is a 40 year old who hasn’t felt well for the last year.  Other than not “feeling right”, he had no other symptoms.  Dovid was overweight with a BMI of 28.5 and didn’t get a lot of exercise or activity.  His diet was very “western”, meaning too high in saturated and trans-fats and with [...]

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22 04 2015

Please DON’T Pass the Salt!


Justin was a middle aged man who never had a problem with high blood pressure.  He went for a routine visit to his doctor and his blood pressure was found to be high.  The doctor ran many tests and nothing showed any particular abnormality causing his hypertension.  He even tried home monitoring to make sure [...]

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16 03 2015

Exercise is Medicine! (Part II)


Last week’s column examined the role that exercise can play in reducing and possibly eliminating the need for statins and blood pressure medication. We also discussed the positive effects of exercise for diabetics. This week, we will discuss the benefits of exercise vis-à-vis high blood pressure, high cholesterol and cancer. High Blood Pressure High Blood [...]

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3 08 2014

It’s Your Heart—Take Care of It!


People who exercise, and exercise professionals like myself, sometimes get so carried away with building muscle, that they can easily forget that if the muscle in the middle of your chest, your heart, isn’t working right, not much else is going to matter. Your heart is a fist size muscle located in your chest. Depending [...]

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