being happy

29 03 2017

Exercise for Simcha!


It seems ironic that while preparing for Yom Tov, when we are specifically commanded to be happy, we are in a constant state of stress and anxiety.   Did I get everything needed while shopping?  Did I remember to clean and look everywhere for Chametz?  Did I order enough Matzah?  Is everything ready and prepared for [...]

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11 06 2015



It’s been a very interesting few weeks in my office.  My office staff and I get great satisfaction when we see our clients succeed in changing their health, and life around for the better.  Last month after doing a public lecture on lowering blood pressure several individuals, who attended, chose to try our path to [...]

22 01 2015

That Winter Weight Gain!


Its winter! It’s cold and dark.  Your body just can’t seem to warm up and aside from that, due to the cold and inclement weather, you are outside and around much less than other times of the year.  You feel warmer when you eat and because you are stuck inside more than you want to [...]

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22 10 2014

Starting Over Again


The Days of Awe are behind us and we have moved out of the Sukkah and back into our homes. Our schedules are getting back to normal. The kids are back in school and we are back at work or learning. We have finished a period of three weeks of an over-abundance of food and [...]

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3 07 2014

Be Happy! It Pays


Happiness is a strong factor in determining health and longevity.  It sounds straight forward enough, but how can a person be happy and optimistic if he is ill or has serious problems?  Can I choose to change my mood despite my life circumstances?  Can I simply control my moods and turn them around? What is happiness? [...]

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