17 01 2017

Pain—A Little to Get Rid of a Lot


Being in pain, especially chronic pain is just no fun.  All of us have had some pain at some time in our lives.  Sometimes it’s just a bump, bruise or minor burn, but sometimes, it can be chronic lower back pain, arthritis or other causes of severe pain that just doesn’t seem to go away.  [...]

Pain—A Little to Get Rid of a Lot2017-01-17T13:13:58+00:00
10 03 2016

Keep it off this time!


We’ve all been there—you lose weight on some weight loss plan or program, you feel great and you are rightfully proud of your accomplishment.  After all, you probably had to work hard and you might have even felt deprived while going through the process.  But now you look and feel great!  Your doctor is thrilled [...]

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12 01 2016

Frustrated with Weight Loss


Lisa, age 42, was in week 3 of my weight loss program.   The first two weeks, Lisa dropped weight at about a pound a week, but this week, there was no change.  All that work she did and no result.  She looked like she was going to quit on the spot!  What happened?   Lisa was almost [...]

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28 08 2014

The Cost of Poor Health and Obesity


The two most common excuses people give for not exercising and taking care of their general health are lack of time, and finances. In previous articles, I have addressed the time issue, but I would like to add the following: If you don’t make the time to exercise, you won’t have much time to do [...]

The Cost of Poor Health and Obesity2017-01-29T12:49:12+00:00