What Will Your “New Normal” Be?

It’s been a long 2 months, but we are slowly coming out of the Covid-19 lock down.  Life is slowly getting back to a “new normal.”  While we have been vigilant about not getting the Covid-19 virus, in doing so, many of us have also been leading a sedentary life.  This may also include eating less than healthy foods. Early statistics and surveys show an average weight gain of 3-5 pounds (1.5-2 kilo) per person.

Most important, we might have lost our focus on preventing already prevalent epidemics—heart disease, diabetes, high blood pressure and all of the autoimmune diseases.  Unlike Covid-19, these are the ones that are preventable, and in many cases reversible. Take a look at the stories of some of my clients and some of their doctors. See how they reached good health and quality of life.

Drug- Free cholesterol improvement

“I came to Alan at age 36, with about 11 kg to lose and taking 40 mg of cholesterol lowering statin. I had tried for years to get my weight and cholesterol down, yet my efforts were not sustainable.

After 10 weeks in Alan’s health program, I was half way to my goal weight and my cholesterol dropped by 75%!! My doctor agreed to drop my statin dosage from 40 mg to 10 mg! After another 10 weeks, I reached my weight goal and my doctor agreed to stop statins entirely.

I intend on maintaining what Alan helped me achieve! The changes I had to make were surprisingly small. I had to stick to a schedule, think ahead, and plan. Small changes in exercise and eating were the life changing trick for me!” – DZM, Israel


Getting things “back” to normal

“I was referred to Alan because I was suffering acutely from a herniated disc in my back. When I came to Alan for the first time I had been on my back for 3 months. I could not sit or stand for more than 5 minutes at a time, and walking was nearly impossible. I was not functioning as a father or a spouse. The annual vacation my family waited for seemed out of the question. After about a week with Alan, I was moving around, after two weeks — we went on vacation for two full days!

I worked with Alan for another 3 months and became totally free of back pain, and I was in the best shape I had been in for 10 years!” – AS, Jerusalem

Encouragement and support

“For years I enjoyed reading Alan’s weekly articles. I eventually reached out by email to have Alan help me with my weight, high cholesterol, gout, and severe back pain (for which the doctor was recommending surgery). I was initially skeptical about whether doing Alan’s program via Skype could be successful. However, being accountable to Alan during the weeks of the program and having ongoing support helped me achieve lasting results. 6 months on and I have lost almost 16 kilos and I am enjoying exercise for the first time. My gout has disappeared, cholesterol is normal, and I no longer have back pain.” – AJ, Skype client from the UK

All kinds of improvement

The doctors warned client LN, who has chronic kidney disease, to be ready for dialysis at some point soon. LN came to The Wellness Clinic for help and guidance. First we had LN change her eating and start moderate exercise. At first she had some aches from starting exercise and a headache from sugar withdrawal.

After two weeks:

LN saw positive signs of improved kidney function. The headaches disappeared and her weight was down 2 kilo.

After four weeks:

“For the first time in 3 years, I feel good! I felt it from the moment I opened my eyes – a feeling of strength and almost wellness deep within. No fatigue, just a touch of pain, and even some energy! I know there are still ups and down ahead when it comes to kidney disease, but I want more days like this!!!!”

After five weeks:

LN’s blood work showed that her kidney functions have started to improve. Although this is incremental, it is the first sign of reversal and improvement. But that’s not all! After three treatment sessions in the gym and continued home exercises, LN’s chronic hip and lower back pain have eased up and LN can’t believe the difference!

After 6 weeks:

LN’s blood pressure was down to 105/68. Her doctor has taken her off blood pressure medication – this is her first time in 20 years with no meds for blood pressure! LN wrote, “I CAN SEE MY TOES!!” Yes, weight loss has gotten to the point that LN can look down and her stomach is no longer in the way.

What will my doctor say?

“Last year I went to a congress themed “exercise is medicine.” Among the zillions of benefits of exercise, I discovered that exercise is also more efficient to prevent recurrence after breast cancer than Tamoxifen!!! Doctors often don’t have time in Kupat Cholim, but still, they should PRESCRIBE dietetic changes and exercise more than medicine. Alan is a great specialist in that field! And I’m a physician saying this!!!” – Dr. Hava Schreiber

“When it comes to taking care of Irritable Bowel and Fatty Livers, Alan is really the “doctor.” With his knowledge of good nutrition and exercise science, he can get results that we can’t.” – Dr. J.P., Gastroenterologist

“Only good things have happened to my patients that have gone to Alan.” – Dr. S, Family Medicine and General Practice

Keeping things balanced

“Alan helped me learn how to eat properly and how to exercise in a balanced way. For the first time in years, my blood sugar readings have been steady. I am very grateful to Alan for drastically improving the quality of my life! I highly recommend Alan’s program to anyone with a problematic medical condition, or a desire to lose weight safely and effectively.” – SS, Jerusalem

And YOU??

Any of you can be one of these successful people.  Remember, your health habits are in your hands.  We use lifestyle medicine to help our clients.  With a combination of good diet, exercise, stress management, and other positives changes to your habits and behaviors, your success is waiting…


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