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The MyBio genetic test is a NEW service we are offering!

The more you know about your genes, the better you will be able to take care of yourself.
Using the field of nutrigenomics, the MyBio genetic test takes advantage of the latest uses of science and technology and channels them to be used in the field of weight loss, health, and fitness.


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What is the MyBio Genetic test?

The MyBio genetic test is a non-invasive test. A saliva sample is taken and sent for testing and processing. Results are returned to our office within 4 -5 weeks. The results are compiled in the form of a lengthy, detailed document (which can also be received as printed book). Read more here!

What will I learn from my results?

Your results will explain the effects of over 120 of your genes on 35 different health and fitness parameters.  Some of these parameters include: body weight, cholesterol, blood sugar, triglycerides, absorption of vitamins and minerals, taste preferences, muscles to build up, areas of the body to be strengthen in helping against physical injuries and old age. 



How will Alan Fitness use my results to help me?

Through analyzing your results, we will be able to guide you in an even more individualized fashion than we currently offer.

Food and nutrition: Receive an explanation of your results from one of our dieticians. Our dieticians can also work with you to create a customized food plan.

Exercise: Personal training clients will work with Alan to use exercise efficiently for weight loss, strength building, or other specific health goals.

10 Weeks to Health: The 10 Weeks to Health program, can be even more individualized by using the results of this test. Alan will use it on the exercise front and our dieticians will use it in creating a food plan.


The cost of the MyBio Genetic test is 1950 shekel (plus shipping and handling) and does not include a dietetic review.
Because this is a genetic test, it is not a test that needs to be repeated multiple times. These results will be as a guide throughout your life.
Contact us to book an appointment for the MyBio genetic test.


Sample pages of MyBio test results

sample page of test results