105 2020

The Takeaways From Covid-19 (so far…)

All of us have felt the ramification of the Covid-19 virus in one way or another.  Unfortunately, I think we all know someone who has succumbed to this terrible plague.  Many people are suffering financially and socially from the various restrictions that we have all needed to follow.  But like any situation, good or bad, [...]

1904 2020

After Pesach…and Still at Home!

Here we go again!  And this year, most of us have not returned to work or school.  The “holiday” weight gain may be continuing.  Your clothes are tight, the scale is up and you might even be feeling just a bit lethargic.  I’m sure many of you are considering a diet.  DON’T DIET- get back [...]

2903 2020

Enjoying Pesach with Your Health Goals in Mind

It’s that time of the year again… but it certainly doesn't feel the same. This is typically a time of year in which we look forward to celebrating together with our families. For many, this Pesach may be with a smaller crowd than usual. Despite all the changes and challenges we are going through with [...]

2403 2020

Getting Through the Stress in Tough Times

To say that we are going through unprecedented tough times might be an understatement.  And this time, the whole world is keeping us company. Yes, we are all stressed to some degree or another.  But how we handle our stress can have a big influence on how we get through the current crises and stay [...]

2203 2020

Keep Moving!

Exercise is really an essential part of healthy living, so every Sunday, you reaffirm that this is “the week.” You’ve already mapped out a course for a 35 minute daily walk, and you even purchased a book about muscle building exercises for beginners.  You are all ready to go! But then the Coronavirus took us [...]

2702 2020

Before Purim—please read this!

Now that Chodesh Adar has arrived, we have entered the month of simchah, and are awaiting Purim. Many people in my neighborhood have been discussing the goings on during Purim. Yes, there is an obligation on Purim to drink wine, even more than one regularly does. But just as fasting on Yom Kippur must be [...]

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