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20 06 2018

Regaining Energy – Get up and go!


If you are feeling a lack of energy, that might be normal. But in order to regain your energy, do the opposite of what your “lazy side” tells you—start moving!  As important as a good night’s sleep is, getting more active and starting to exercise will probably do more for your energy levels than anything [...]

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20 06 2017

Increasing the Odds


We offer free consultations to people interested in coming into any of our programs. Free—why?  Because there is something that I must let people know before they get started.  THERE IS NO EASY PATH TO GOOD HEALTH.  Weight to lose, blood pressure to lower, diabetes or pre-diabetes to reverse or cholesterol to lower-- it’s all possible. [...]

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19 03 2015

Exercise is Medicine! (Part III)


Last week’s column focused on the benefits of exercise vis-à-vis high blood pressure, high cholesterol and cancer. This third and final segment of Exercise is Medicine! will discuss Metabolic Syndrome, lower back pain and osteoporosis. Exercising is very helpful in weight reduction and in preventing weight gain. It is also beneficial in maintaining a healthy [...]

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11 03 2015

Exercise is Medicine! (Part I)


Exercise is Medicine is an initiative launched on Nov. 5, 2007 by the American College of Sports Medicine that calls for physical activity and exercise to be standard parts of disease prevention and medical treatment.  It urges healthcare providers to assess and review patients’ physical activity programs at every visit, with office visits that conclude [...]

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