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Take a Breather

From the moment you were born, you’ve been breathing.  It’s a normal, involuntary action in a healthy person.  But when you are exercising, whether in the aerobic or muscle building mode, how you breathe can make all the difference in how efficient your exercise will be.  Oxygen is the main source of energy in aerobic [...]

1307 2017

What Was and What Is: The Evolvement of Health Facts

The fields of exercise science and nutrition are ever evolving.  As research goes on, the more we find out and the more we realize just how wrong we have been.  Trying to keep up with the latest findings regarding health, nutrition and exercise can be very confusing.   You may hear one thing on the radio, [...]

607 2017

Stressed? Exercise!

We all have stress.  It’s a fact of life.  And it’s a good thing to have some stress.  Imagine a world with no stress at all.  When our kids cry, we might not respond.  When a term paper is due, you might not get it done in time. And when your wife calls you for [...]

2706 2017

High Blood Pressure? Maybe not!

High blood pressure is no joke.  Having high blood pressure can have several negative effects on your health, many of which can lead to premature death.  HBP or hypertension, can lead to damaged or narrow arteries.  That in turn decreases blood circulation throughout the body.  It can weaken your arteries as well and result in [...]

2006 2017

Increasing the Odds

We offer free consultations to people interested in coming into any of our programs. Free—why?  Because there is something that I must let people know before they get started.  THERE IS NO EASY PATH TO GOOD HEALTH.  Weight to lose, blood pressure to lower, diabetes or pre-diabetes to reverse or cholesterol to lower-- it’s all possible. [...]

1306 2017

Taking Care of your Heart

There is one thing that hasn’t changed since I was born. Heart disease is still the number one killer in the Western World.  Here are the latest available statistics: 610,000 people die of heart disease in the United States every year. This equals 25% of all deaths. Heart disease is the leading cause of death [...]

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