1505 2018

Is There Really A Detox Diet?

You may often see advertisements for “detox” diets to help you regain your health and well-being. But is there really such a thing as a way to detoxify our bodies and do we need to “detox”? Avi called our office in order to make a consultation to see if any of our programs would fill [...]

1005 2018

Are You Still Dieting?  Stop Now! (Part 2)

In part one of this article we examined why diets are failures. The bottom line in weight loss is creating a calorie deficit, but in a way we can stick to.  In part 2, we will now examine ways to create a situation where more calories are being used as energy than are being consumed. [...]

305 2018

Are You Still Dieting?  Stop Now! (Part 1)

People ask me a lot of questions about health and fitness.  But there is one question I just won’t answer; “What do you think about the ______diet?”  Why don’t I answer? Because with the exception of the DASH diet or a Mediterranean food program, the odds are overwhelming for long term failure when it comes [...]

2504 2018

Surgery—Yes or No?

Joseph’s knee hurts, badly.  He can’t really get around pain free, let alone do his daily morning power walk.  He takes some non-prescription pain killers.  For a few hours, there is some relief although a dull ache is always there.  How long can Joseph keep taking these pills?  They begin to bother his stomach by [...]

1804 2018

Stand Straight—It Pays!

We’ve all heard people (our parents and teachers) tell us, “Sit up!” and “Don’t slouch.”  How important is good posture?  It’s very important. Poor posture isn’t just something that might be unsightly, it has many health and medical ramifications.  We’ve all been caught slouching, hunching over the computer, or just not sitting/standing up straight. We [...]

1104 2018

After Pesach! What can be different this time?

Here we go again!  Your clothes are tight, the scale is up and you might even be feeling a bit lethargic.  Many of you are already considering a diet.  DON’T DO IT! Let’s get back to the basics of good eating and adding more activity and exercise. This time around, instead of the diet mentality, [...]

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