2706 2018

Time For a Snack Break

I met Shelly when she came into our 10 Weeks to Health program a few months ago.  When she called to make her appointment, she told me over the phone that her doctor had been nagging her for a while to lose 5 - 6 kilo to improve her health.  Slight high blood pressure and [...]

2006 2018

Regaining Energy – Get up and go!

If you are feeling a lack of energy, that might be normal. But in order to regain your energy, do the opposite of what your “lazy side” tells you—start moving!  As important as a good night’s sleep is, getting more active and starting to exercise will probably do more for your energy levels than anything [...]

1406 2018

Choose Your Reward

As the spring and summer months begin, the phone starts ringing in my office well above average. It’s a combination of winter weight gain, feeling fatigued and lethargic and realizing our summer clothes are a bit too snug.  But now, the choice is yours. You can look back and keep thinking to yourself, “How did [...]

606 2018

It Still Comes Down to Portions

Gil came into my office and was sure I was going to be stumped.  After all, he is relatively young, only 34 years old and does everything right.  He exercises formally three times a week, including aerobic and muscle building exercise. He makes sure to do at least 35 minutes of brisk walking on two [...]

3005 2018

The Battle of the Belly

“This!  This right here”, says Roni.  “How do I get rid of this?” he asks as he keeps pointing with his finger to his oversized stomach.  It is no secret that being overweight, and certainly being obese, is a health hazard.  It is also uncomfortable and not aesthetically pleasing.  But as we all know, people [...]

1505 2018

Is There Really A Detox Diet?

You may often see advertisements for “detox” diets to help you regain your health and well-being. But is there really such a thing as a way to detoxify our bodies and do we need to “detox”? Avi called our office in order to make a consultation to see if any of our programs would fill [...]

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