1201 2019

Nutrition and Fitness (HEALTH) for Kids

We all know that Western society is basically ill and it’s because of the lifestyle we have been subjected to over the last 50 years.  There is more junk food and processed food than ever, a sedentary existence, chronic overeating and we lack the basic nutrition that would allow our bodies to fight off disease [...]

401 2019

Preventative Medicine

When most people think of preventative medicine, they consider doing certain diagnostic tests every so often, visiting their physician once a year, getting a flu shot, taking a multi-vitamin, and maintaining good hygiene.  All of these are certainly important.  From age 50, people need to have a colonoscopy every 10 years.  Women should have periodic [...]

2812 2018

A Bad Rap for Carbohydrates

We live in a world of extremes.  For those who want to follow the Rambam’s sensible way of living, a balanced path of diet and exercise, seems elusive.  In the last few decades, we have been treated to low carbs, high protein, low fat, low sugar, no sugar, high carbs, gluten free, etc.  It’s as [...]

2012 2018

Moving Toward Plant-based Eating

More and more people are asking me how important moving toward plant-based eating really is.  Awareness is growing about avoiding animal products, especially processed meats. Media outlets are exposing the negative aspects of animal products and touting the potential health advantages of plant-based eating. Abe came to speak to me about weight loss, but he [...]

1212 2018

Winter Motivation

We've all been told that exercising and staying active in the winter is a great way to stay warm. Exercising has great benefits and can certainly help prevent winter weight gain. Here are a few FAQs to help you stay informed and motivated to keep active this winter:   Why do people gain weight in [...]

2211 2018

Your Second Brain—Take Care of It! (Part 2)

 In part one we thoroughly described the role of the microbiome, or gut bacteria. We mentioned that the microbiome has such influence on our health—physical and mental—that it is now being referred to as the second brain.  There are trillions of microscopic organisms that form the human microbiome. Taking care of them, by refraining from [...]

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