1309 2017

Inspiration-Before Rosh Hashanah (Part 2)

 In Part 1 of this article, we discussed Shlomo. After waking up one morning riddled with pain across his body, and after drugs for pain didn’t work, he became addicted to an non-prescribed substance that he obtained.  Shlomo was removed from his home and not allowed visitation with his wife and children. My work with [...]

709 2017

Inspiration-Before Rosh Hashanah (Part 1)

Each year at this time, I try to find something from the past year to write about that will be inspiring to my readers.  It is always my hope that the readers will take upon themselves something to enhance their health in the coming year. One of the definitions of the word “inspire” is to [...]

2908 2017

Have a Safe Trip

Traveling over long distances has been the norm in the world for quite some time now. It’s hard to imagine that a trip today from New York to Tel Aviv that takes about 10 hours took about two weeks by boat.  Whether for business or pleasure, many more people are traveling from one corner of [...]

2208 2017

Weight Loss—Achieving Success

I have been helping people attempting to lose weight for 20 years.  I myself went through this process 25 years ago. People are attracted to all kinds of fads and formulas that sound exciting and get a lot of hype, but they just don’t work in the long term.  Our 10 Weeks to Health program [...]

308 2017

What’s up Doc?

When something goes wrong or you don’t feel well or right, you make an appointment with your family doctor. The doctor takes your history and examines you.  Usually, you’ve just picked up a virus, minor bacterial infection or a common cold.  The doctor will advise you on the best treatment and when necessary, prescribe the [...]

2707 2017

It’s HOT out there!

In Israel, Europe and the United States it’s been unusually hot this summer.  Whether it’s the clients I see in my office or the people I speak to abroad, when I ask how their exercise has been going I keep getting the same answer:  “Everything is fine but I haven’t been walking nearly as much as [...]

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